I just finished luigis mansion dark moon and the ending was really cute and luigi adopted a ghost puppy I really liked the game

Im gonna try watching soul eater not lets see how it turns out

Ive had these stupid hiccups going on and off for the past 24hrs wtf


friend: hey are you a fan of Sailor Moo-




dangan ronpa au where the only way out of hope’s peak is through…
…the perfume department.


Day 192: We all know this was the real reason Aleks kept Seamus’ hair

Lately after my computer died I’ve been replaying Fire Emblem Awakening so much and I’m focusing on trying to get everyone married this time. Also I married Kellam again bc I had no idea who I should’ve married.



that ‘honestly i’m feeling so attacked’ thing is not from that nick jonas twitter screencap everyone keeps posting

it’s from 22 jump street


Summer Wars(2009)